To book a session please call or text


I look forward to working with you. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

Prices contingent upon modality and length of time requested. Packages and sliding scale available upon request.

Rolf Method of Structural Integration

The 10 series, 3 series, or tune-up session. Structural Integration does work best in a series. Don’t let this dissuade you, you can always try it out with one session.

-Posture and Alignment Reading and Assessment. Gait analysis.

-Deep and affective bodywork catered to your specific ailments and what we learn during assessment

-Session Length: 60-90 min

*Note: Ladies- please wear bra/underwear or bikini. Men- board shorts or boxer briefs

Movement - Fitalign Session

-Posture and Alignment Reading and Assessment

-Breathing, strengthening, flexibility training, self massage, reciprocal inhibition, neuromuscular repatterning. All focused on alignment and functional movement within the body. Move out of compensation and into more fluid and agile movement. To learn more check out the “Movement” tab or, where I received my training.

-60 min. 90 min. 120 min

*Shorts and t-shirt or yoga clothes.

Rolf and Movement Combo Session

-Best of both worlds

-Time on the table for Rolf session then apply the same principles into a movement practice. A great way to incorporate and assimilate the work and bring it into real life movement.

-90 min. 120 min.

*Exercise clothes and undergarments for Rolf session