A movement practice helps to recalibrate the body to new opportunity; a way for the brain to recognize and practice efficient patterns of economic mobility. This also helps our body apply the Rolf session to functional movements patterns that make up our everyday life.

You may have heard the phrase, neurons that fire together wire together. Our brain is what controls every movement within in our body. It has a “map” of the way our foot articulates to strike the ground when we walk , or the position of our head and where it sits on top the neck. To move out of injury and beyond compensation we need to relearn the way our brain perceives our body and our pain. A movement practice is a wonderful compliment to Structural Integration, or to use as a modality within itself.

Fitalign is a program developed by Michaelle Edwards. The basis behind this modality is to use strengthening, stretching and certain types of breathing to balance tension. These exercises work with fascial lines within the body and help the client to understand their body as a whole. For example, how someone can use their back and core muscles when dealing with a shoulder injury. Or how knee alignment can help to resolve hip pain and vice versa.

This work is astounding. People’s structures have the ability to change from just one session, just as in a Rolf session. Every pose correlates with a neutral spine as well as a stretching and strengthening component. This is also a great opportunity to learn about the idiosyncrasies of one’s structure, since we will be working one on one. Form follows function.

A great aspect about having a movement practice is that you can take it with you. Its learning a new and safe way to exercise that is completely therapeutic.