Try This...

Right here, in this moment, go ahead and observe the position of your body.  If you are sitting, notice the shape of your spine.  Are you slouched over?  Maybe an arm and hand is holding your head up.  If you are standing, take a look at your feet and the way they position to support your structure.  Consider the direction in which your toes are pointed.  Is one leg supporting the majority of your weight? 

Anything you noticed about yourself is great because its knowledge about your body.  Now let's try something else...

If you are seated, try sitting on your sit bones, these are the little bony protuberances underneath your glutes.  Find the crown of your head, alter your gaze to the horizon and take a deep breath.  See how this can lengthen your spine?  

If you are standing, try pointing your toes forward and find even distribution of weight between both your feet.  Now gaze straight ahead.  

In both cases, when we become aware of our body and its language to the world and our subconscious, we begin the process of finding our line.  Through the Rolf Method and movement exercises we ingrain what it feels like to be seated upright or standing strong into our daily lives.  

If I could portray in a few sentences what the 10 series has done for my life it is just that; that lift I feel when my structure and posture become more upright and aware.  How I feel more empowered knowing that my body is working with less effort and more efficiency; how I feel proud to stand on my own 2 feet.